China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors Exhibition

Liverpool’s World Museum was able to hold an exhibition that would showcase some of the world’s most famous archeological artifacts, the Terracotta Warriors. At Draw & Code, we were asked to provide immersive visuals to accompany the exhibits, and add colour and movement to the journey.

Software: Maya, Photoshop, After Effects.

I designed a large geometric structure, which was made with wood and onto which we projected visuals for a brief history of China at the entrance to the exhibition space.

Early mock up of the structure and room.

I was also in charge of designing and creating the animations for another structure that would portray our interpretation of the, yet unopened, Emperor’s Mausoleum. For this structure, we wanted to try to give the illusion of bigger grander room using false perspective, and to add some depth I created a central tomb, smaller buildings, and land in the shape of China as per the description of the Mausoleum.

Following photos by Adlib Solutions.

3D models that were made into wooden structures.