CG Masters Academy Course

23rd August 2017 Emily 0

I’ve recently been feeling in need of a personal development boost, so I looked across the internet and found CG Master Academy, a provider of […]

AX – Completed!

2nd January 2015 Emily 0

Happy new year!! Feels like 2014 flew right by, and now here’s to what will hopefully be a productive 2015 🙂 It’s day 2 of […]

Safehouse Concepts

4th October 2014 Emily 0

Another post about the making of Safehouse 🙂 there was a part during the show that depicted the main character growing up through dream sequences, […]

Elk Themed Weaponry

5th October 2012 Emily 0

After reading various game and film art books I was inspired by how much thought and effort goes into every prop and item no matter […]

Morning Fog

17th August 2012 Emily 0

Another new project, this is my first try at using matte painting techniques to create a landscape image. It is inspired by the beautiful countryside […]


22nd June 2012 Emily 0

Now that I have free time, I’ve been able to finally finish painting my Chi sketch. I wanted her to have a bright colour scheme, […]


8th June 2012 Emily 0

For a university project, we were told to create some concepts for 2 pirate characters; the first was Society Max, a well spoken and cultured […]


7th June 2012 Emily 0

In 2009 I had been teaching myself how to paint in Photoshop for about 3 years, and wanted to show my skills to my art […]